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TEXEP's product and service portfolio

Custom Solar Solutions

Texep offers you a solar solution that meets your individual requirements and aesthetic expectations. We go the extra mile for you to fulfill your requirements for your personal solar roof project!

TEXEP X-Curve: Solar systems for the sophisticated architecture

TEXEP X-Curve solar systems offer a high degree of customisation in terms of colour and shape. With X-Curve, an elegant solar system can be realised even on curved or radial roof shapes.

TEXEP X-Charge: PV battery storage solutions

Consume the electricity generated by your solar system yourself by storing the solar power generated during the day and using it when you actually need it. The all-in-one X-Charge solution helps you to optimise your energy management and thus maximise self-consumption.

SunStyle®: Solar system for the elegant building integration

Overlapping solar tiles replace conventional building materials and offer complete weather protection. Efficient energy generation and elegant aesthetics make the SunStyle® solar roof system the perfect solution for building integration.

TEXEP Aquaviva: Solar water desalination solutions

The TEXEP Aquaviva desalination station is suitable for all coastal regions and islands facing water scarcity. The solar-powered and thus autonomous desalination unit can produce up to 110 cubic meters of service, irrigation and drinking water per day from seawater.

Technology Exploration...

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TEXEP's goal is to develop new technologies for the generation of electricity and drinking water, available everywhere and at any time.
TEXEP is committed to protecting the climate and the environment. TEXEP invents, develops and implements innovative solutions for the generation and storage of renewable energy as well as for the production of drinking water by means of desalination of seawater and purification of contaminated water.
TEXEP continues and expands on a 45-year company history. The entrepreneurial spirit of two generations, father Mario and son André Posnansky, led to the realisation of pioneering projects through the companies they founded and managed: Solaire France Sàrl, Solaire Suisse Ltd and Sunstyle Ltd.
With more than a decade of experience and a strong track record in providing customised solar solutions, TEXEP is your trusted partner in realising your architectural vision.
TEXEP not only offers solutions for generating your own energy, but also for storing it. Discover TEXEP X-Charge!
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